Perfect Fit By Honeywell

Standard weight black, 100% Kevlar® gloves. Ideally suited for industrial applications and industrial laundering. Perfect for hiding stains when working in greasy or dirty environments. Available in four sizes. Sold per pair.
The FLX-Cut gloves are made of cut resistant Dyneema fiber blended with a strand of stainless steel to provide a high level of cut and abrasion protection without sacrificing dexterity or tactile sensitivity. The glove has a 13 cut gray nitrile palm and fingertip coating. Dyneema plating provides an extremely comfortable, snug fit.
Premium grade leather Guard Dog® Gloves offer excellent cut, slash, abrasion and puncture resistance. The 100% Kevlar® knit liner eliminated uncomfortable seams that could chafe or scratch. Color-coded safety cuffs make sorting easy after laundering. Sold per pair.
If slash cuts are a concern, trust the quality of Kevlar® to provide excellent protection. A sturdy leather double-lock stitched palm ensures a good grip and enhances puncture and abrasion resistance. Sold per pair.
Medium weight KEVLAR® liner provides good cut resistance. Plus, the textured latex coating adds an additional layer of cut protection, and provides a secure grip on sheet metal, glass, and other smooth surfaces. Sold per dozen
Seamless knit construction eliminates uncomfortable seams that can rub or chafe. High quality yarns ensure minimized shrinkage during laundering. Synthetic, low linting fibers offer dexterity, tactile sensitivity, and abrasion resistance. Sold by the dozen.
Seamless knit construction. Eliminates seams which may cause irritation due to rubbing or chafing. Nitrile palm coating. Extends glove life with good abrasion resistance, and helps in gripping surfaces.
Clean, pure white color with safe, sure grip. Medium weight, white acrylic, single side white dot coated gloves. Comfortably pliable and reduces hand, arm and back fatigue. Available in four sizes. Sold per dozen pair.
Pure Fit, 13 cut, lightweight white HPPE fiber liner with gray polyurethane palm and fingertip coatings, for protection and dexterity in applications requiring precision. HPPE and Aramid fiber liners offer lightweight comfort and dexterity while protecting hands from cuts, slash and abrasion.
Top Dog gloves have a Kevlar armor knit shell that provides a superior level of cut protection. The sheath core design enables the Kevlar fabric to completely cover the stainless steel core which optimizes comfort and durability. With an ANSI/ASTM cut level 4 for superior protection, this glove also offers a full premium leather palm reinforced with Kevlar stitching for abrasion/puncture resistance, added durability and improved grip in wet and oily applications.