Fills gaps. Fast-curing without fixturing. Non-sagging on vertical surfaces
Extremely strong, medium-cure, water-resistant adhesive
Rapid-curing, general-purpose adhesive/encapsulant
Thixotropic, nonmigrating gel adhesive with excellent gap filling properties
Aluminum-filled epoxy putty for dependable non-rusting repairs to aluminum castings, machinery, and equipment widely used in HVAC applications. Excellent resistance to chlorofluorocarbons. Bonds to aluminum and many other metals. Fills porosity in aluminum castings. Can be machined drilled or tapped using conventional metalworking tools. Qualifies under DOD-C-24176B/(SH), Type II. 60-minute working time
Mixing and delivery tool for Devcon 1. 1 epoxy adhesives (50ml), 1. 1 methacrylate adhesives (47ml)
Medium-viscosity urethane fills voids completely. Faithfully reproduces mold detail, and cures to semi-rigid rubber. Mixes and pours easily. Ten-hour demolding time
Trowelable urethane for repairing and lining process equipment exposed to wear, impact, abrasion, vibration, and expansion/contraction. Mixes easily and trowels on smoothly. Cures to a tough, medium-hard rubber . Flexane® Primers are recommended for maximum adhesion to metal, rubber, and concrete surfaces. 20-minute working time
Requires only a five hour demolding time. Low-viscosity urethane cures to rigid rubber. Harder material than Flexane® 80 Liquid. For applications requiring a shorter demolding time (5 Hours)
All-purpose concrete patching compound with a compression strength of 8,000 psi, three times the typical strength of concrete. Easy-to-mix and apply. Excellent adhesion to concrete, brick, masonry, metal or wood surfaces. Excellent resistance to water, oils, solvents, and alkalis. Acceptable for use in meat and poultry plants. 45-minute working time. Viscosity - Putty